Town of Nutter Fort, WV

Fire Department

The Town of Nutter Fort Fire Department was chartered on August 25, 1945 by local men of the community.  The Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department is to this day, one of the strongest fire departments in Harrison County.

Operating on a staff of over 35 men and women, the Department handles in excess of 500 calls each year from EMS and automobile accidents to fires and other various calls.

With a staff consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the Department operates within a budget of $145,000.00 annually.

Daily operations are managed by the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chiefs, with the aid of two (2) Captains, two (2) Lieutenants, and one (1) Safety Officer.

The Department is blessed to have the support of the local government and community as a whole.  Its financial base comes from the Town of Nutter Fort with a budget of $45,000 annually.  A fire levy generates $55,000 to $60,000 annually, which is set aside for fire truck payments as well as any other Department necessities.  Other sources of income are County, State, and local donations.

The Department goes above and beyond its duties for the residents of Nutter Fort.  The volunteer firemen pump water from basements and hose mud from streets after heavy rains and flooding.  They hold an annual food drive in which Santa tosses candy from atop a fire truck while Department members collect donated items for those less fortunate.  They also organize and support the annual Nutter Fort Halloween Party (directly following Trick-or-Treet) and the annual Nutter Fort Christmas Parade.

The Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department routinely responds to calls in other communites wherever help is needed.

Officers are as follows:
  • President - Natalie Haddix
  • Vice President - Jennifer Lowther
  • Secretary - Eddie Jenkins
  • Treasurer - Kevin Kimble

Managers are as follows:
  • Fire Chief - Jeremy Haddix
  • Deputy Chief - Ryan Roberts
  • Assistant Chief - Nathan Rohrbough
  • Captain - Dave Nuzum
  • Captain - Zachary Mealey
  • Lieutenant - Stephen Cockrell
  • Lieutenant - Taylor Keith

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