Town of Nutter Fort, WV

Police Department

About the Police Department

The Nutter Fort Police Department is located in the same building along with the Nutter Fort Fire Department on Buckhannon Pike.

The Nutter Fort Police Department is a Civil Service Police Department and is operated under Civil Service Rules.  We maintain a list of eligible candidates to hire from.

In the last 85 or so years, the Police Department in Nutter Fort has experienced many changes.  The citizens of Nutter Fort have a full-time, 24/7 Police Department to handle any problems that may arise.  The police officers in the Department are all state-certified and trained at the West Virginia State Police Academy.  The NF Police Department has the current equipment needed to perform its day-to-day operations such as laptop computers and in-car cameras.  We have 6 department vehicles, including two 4WD vehicles.  The Department is now dispatched by the Harrison County 911 system with the calls being kept at the Harrison County Bureau of Emergency Services.

The Police Department also assists Nutter Fort Elementary School, the largest elementary school in the state, in different aspects including school crossings.

The Police Department also regulates and controls the traffic on WV Route 20, which is the second most highly traveled road in Harrison County.


The Nutter Fort Police Department wants to advise the residents of Nutter Fort that we have been working with the Governor's Highway safety Program on Highway Safety issues such as Drinking and Driving, Click-it or Ticket, and School Zone Speeding.  The Police Department has won awards for its work on traffic safety and we look forward to working with them in the future on other Highway Safety issues.

This Police Department actively seeks out drugs in our community with the assistance of the Harrison County Street Crimes Unit and the Harrison County Drug Task Force.  Illegal use of prescription drugs is on the rise in our immediate area.  If you have pain medications keep them locked up and be aware of whom you let know that you have them.  Many burglaries are committed by persons looking for prescription medications.

If you would like to provide the Police Department with any information about possible illegal drug activity, give us a call at 304-622-6351 (you do not have to leave your name) or you can direct an email to us at

The Town of Nutter Fort also has a Neighborhood Watch Program that was recently started.  Former Councilwoman Barbara Gorby was instrumental with getting this program started.  If you would like to be a part of the Neighborhood Watch Program, please call Town Hall at 304-622-7713.

The Police Department also does Building & Premise Checks for our local businesses.  The officers will leave a card after the building has been checked to let the business owner we were there and everything was in order.

A Note from the Chief of Police

I just want to say to the residents of Nutter fort, THANK YOU!  I have lived in Nutter Fort for my whole life.  I grew up here, attended school here, and a year out of high school, went to work for the Police Department as a patrolman.  I was hired by Mayor John Carter and Chief K. Lousy as a Patrolman.  I became a sergeant under Chief Richard Pratt, and then I obtained the rank of Lieutenant.  I was appointed Chief of Police in 1992 by Mayor Jack Gorby.  At that time, I was the youngest Chief of Police in the State of West Virginia.

I live here with my wife and daughter and I know most of you personally.  I will do what it takes to keep our town safe and keep drugs out the hands of our children.

Our town has one of the lowest crime rates of any community in Harrison County and in the State of West Virginia.  I have been blessed to work with some very good officers over the years, some of who now work for other law enforcement agencies in the county and the state.  I still look to some of them for help and receive it when needed.

We have been blessed in this community.  The Town Council has always provided me and my staff with the tools we need to keep this town a quiet, peaceful, and safe place for all of us to live and work in.

If you have any questions, please call me at 304-622-6351 ext 204, or stop into my office at any time.

Thank you,

R.W. Godwin

Nutter Fort Chief of Police

If you need assistance from the Police Department you may call 304-622-6351, or in case of an emergency dial 911.